4 Corners Cannabis Review

One of the emerging trends in the CBD oil industry is the development of high CBD/low THC pharmaceutical strains of hemp designed to maximize the various cannabinoids and terpenes associated with possible health benefits 

As science on the potential healing properties of CBD continues to develop, we are gaining more information on the various qualities of the many different compounds in this plant. Future market trends suggest that the development of special strains may help to one day target specific conditions such as sleep conditions, anxiety, fibromyalgia and possibly even cancer.  

For example, the FDA has recently approved the first CBD based drug, Epidiolex, to treat seizures in patients with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome, which are two rare forms of Epilepsy.  

About 4 Corners Cannabis 

With decades of experience growing cannabis, the founders of 4 Corners CBD are using their knowledge and experience to develop their own strains of pharmaceutical grade hemp. They are intimately involved in developing, growing, harvesting and extracting their full spectrum CBD oil.  

Because they are using human grade (rather than industrial grade) hemp, specifically developed for use in CBD oil, they claim that their CBD oil is 20-100 times as effective than the majority of their competition.  

You will need to judge for yourself if the higher price of their products is worth it, however, I do think the fact that they are involved in the entire process, from the genetics of the hemp they grow themselves to the slow organic ethanol extraction methods they use, is an excellent indicator of solid quality.  


4 Corners CBD Product Reviews 

CBD Oral Tinctures Review 

This is the signature line and most popular product at 4 Corners Cannabis. The carrier oil used is MCT coconut oil, thought to have its own health benefits including potentially brain boosting and energy boosting properties. It also includes Limonene, a natural orange extract.  

Keep in mind that although these products are developed from high CBD strains of cannabis, there can be trace amounts of THC in the product (below the .3% threshold). The manufacturer does suggest that although it is unlikely, it is possible to trigger a false positive on a drug test with this product. However, the product will not get you high.  

Avocado Oil Tincture Review 

This is another option for those looking for CBD oil tinctures. It has two ingredients, avocado oil (as a carrier oil) and CBD oil. For those that might have issues with either the limonene or MCT oil in their main product line, this is a good choice. It comes in a 1000mg, 30ml bottle and it’s made to take orally.  

Vape Liquid Review 

Many people find that vaping is a faster acting delivery method for CBD relief. This liquid is designed for use with vape gear, but it can also be taken orally for longer lasting effect.  

4 Corners does not offer any special flavors at this time, and their “Orange Label” CBD vape liquid has a mild hemp flavor that is a natural effect of their full spectrum CBD oil. This product also contains vegetable glycerin and limonene, a natural extract from oranges.  

You can buy their CBD e-liquid in 250mg, 500mg and 1000mg bottles. Use it alone or combine it with other liquids that you already have to add a CBD boost to your vaping routine.  

CBD Salve Review 

Made with all-natural ingredients with coconut oil and beeswax base, each 2 ounce jar includes 100mg of CBD oil. Designed for localized use for mild pain, irritation, or dry skin, this product is a mild acting formula. For more significant relief, the manufacturer recommends their oral and vape products since they will allow the cannabinoids and terpenes from their CBD oil to enter the blood stream.  

Pedigree (CBD Oil for Pets) 

In order to keep costs down for their pet line, 4 Corners does a separate extraction using their trimmings from their human grade strain of high CBD hemp. It still includes a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes. Accurate dosing information is provided with each bottle so that you can administer this food supplement in increments down to every 10lbs of body weight.  

A bit less expensive than their CBD tinctures for human use, the Pedigree line of CBD Oil comes in 250mg, 500mg and 1000mg bottles with a significant price discount per mg on the larger quantities.  

Four Corners Cannabis Review 

Overall Rating: 5 Stars 

Taken as a whole, Four Corners Cannabis is one of the leaders in the industry in terms of quality. The care and attention they give to their product, including developing their own strains of human grade high CBD hemp, shows a dedication to the finished product that few competitors can boast.  


Seed to Bottle Control 

Not only do these guys manufacture a quality finished product, they are intimately involved with the plant starting with sprouting the seeds. Developing their own CBD dominant strains based on decades of experience with cannabis and extensive customer feedback, this is a team that is at the cutting edge of the CBD industry.

Complete Spectrum Extraction  

Arguing that other forms of extraction deteriorate the quality of the finished product, the folks over at 4 Corners CBD use organic food grade ethanol for the most gentle extraction that preserves the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes found in their genetically optimized CBD boosted plants.  

Up to Date Third Party Testing 

If you visit their website via the link below, you will find that they keep their most up-to-date third-party lab results available to the public. I visited their site on 6/28/18 and saw the 5/11/2018 test that included a lot of great information and verified their full spectrum claims. In addition to having the latest reports on all of their products, they also had a full analysis available for their custom Ma’at strain of cannabis that they have developed. Pretty neat stuff! 

Company Information on the Website 

I love to see entrepreneurs in the CBD industry go out of their way to be visible to their customers. I understand why some don’t make that choice – the legalities in terms of commercial production seem to be in a state of flux and who can blame folks for wanting a little anonymity in this industry. Still, when I see folks like Justin, Brian and Jimmy, co-owners of 4 Corners Cannabis put their name and face to their product, it gives me that extra boost of confidence.  

Active Engagement with Customers 

This is not a company that is hiding behind an anonymous webpage. They clearly take customer engagement seriously. With a 5K+ community of active followers on Facebook, this is a company that is trying to have a real conversation about the benefits of CBD Oil, and are super transparent about that fact.  



By far the biggest downside of 4 Corners CBD is the relatively high price of their products. Although the company claims that the high quality of their human grade Ma’at strain of hemp, gives them a product that is 20-100 times as effective as the majority of the competition, the price may be prohibitive for those on a budget.  

4 Corners Coupon Code 

If full spectrum quality is your number one priority in a CBD oil, then consider giving 4 Corners CBD a try. If you want to know where to find 4 Corners CBD, click through the link below for a coupon code worth 10% off your order!  

Will is the editor here at CBD Oil Geek. He is passionate about CBD and other natural alternatives to dangerous prescription medicines. He lives with his wife in Brooklyn, New York.